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Public Domain Vintage Cigar Box Labels


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This bulk download includes a collection of 90 high resolution Public Domain Cigar Box Labels. Here are a few low resolution sample images of the public domain vintage stock graphics included in this download.

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Stock Graphics Vintage Cigar Labels Stock Graphics Vintage Cigar Labels Stock Graphics Vintage Cigar Labels Stock Graphics Vintage Cigar Labels


About Vintage Cigar Box Labels

Manhattan-based O. L. Schwencke, begun in 1884 and absorbed by Moehle Lithographic Co. in 1900. Designed and printed luxurious chromolithography, the embossed labels were bound in a sample book and they contrast scenes of leisure, privilege, and high sophistication. These scenes usually appear under very broad legends such as “Leader,” “Beauty,” and “Peerless,” and sometimes with more specific-sounding legends such as “Santiago,” “La Rosa Especial,” and “La Amenidad”. The whole idea was to create a branding that local merchants could use, posing as exotic brand names but in fact easily masking whatever generic cigar merchants or manufacturers might have had on hand or been eager to push on customers. These artistic depictions are truly amazing and awe inspiring.


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