Vintage Children’s Book – Coasting on the Hillside – 94 Images


Product Description

This is the Vintage Children’s Book – Coasting on the Hillside – charming stories for boys and girls. This was published in 1901 by W.B. Conkey Co. There are 94 images included in this download (which is the entire book.) Here are 4 free sample images that are free to download. To get the high resolution vintage stock graphics you can purchase the entire book and download it in high resolution.

stock-graphics-coasting-on-the-hillside-vintage-childrens-book-0001 stock-graphics-coasting-on-the-hillside-vintage-childrens-book-0002 stock-graphics-coasting-on-the-hillside-vintage-childrens-book-0003 stock-graphics-coasting-on-the-hillside-vintage-childrens-book-0004


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